Why are there so many different water bottles? Aren't they all supposed to just carry water? Well, they do all carry water, but having different water bottles is the same reason why we have different kinds of bags, hats and jackets. Water bottles are all made and designed for unique purposes based on their sizes, the width of the mouth, the shape of the cap, the overall construction, the material used, the shape and even the color all serve different purposes. 

What you should keep in mind when selecting a water bottle is to consider the most common scenario that you will be using the bottle. A coffee connoisseur will prefer the Klean Kanteen wide insulated bottle while a mountain biker will probably want a classic light weight water bottle with a sport cap. If you're just looking to keep the water cool between commute from home to work, maybe the classic insulate bottle will do. 

Klean Kanteen offers a range of bottles that will fit most, if not all, activities. Before we go into all the specific Klean Kanteen bottle, it is important to understand the basic of water bottle. 

Insulated Vs. Non Insulated

First, Klean Kanteen bottles are either insulated or not insulated. Obviously, if you want to keep your ice from melting while hiking on a hot day or keep your favorite latte warm, then insulated bottles are the way to go. Klean Kanteen bottles keep drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours. The other difference between insulated and classic bottle is the weight. Insulated bottles are double walled, which means that they are heavier by nature and this is true to all water bottle brands. Another difference is the cost as insulated bottle is a bit pricier. Insulated bottles will have "insulated" text written below the Klean Kanteen logo. 

Classic & Wide Mouth

Another difference between Klean Kanteen water bottle is the shape of the mouth. Classic Klean Kanteen bottle will allow you to easily pour drinks in and out and even ice cube. But, if you're a tea drinker, you will find it to be trickier to fit your tea bag through the classic mouth. This is where wide mouth shines. The wide mouth of the water bottles let you easily dip in tea bag, add sugar and stir. Wide insulated bottle is favorite among tea and coffee drinker because of this reason. Wide mouth bottles can also be used with cafe' cap which allows you to turn you wide insulated bottle into a portable coffee cup. 


The vary sizes is another obvious difference. Klean Kanteen bottles come in many ounces, and this allows you to choose what size fits your lifestyle. If you want to be able to carry a large amount of water for you and your kids for an all day hike or city tour, then maybe go with the bigger size, like the 1182ml classic bottle. If you're biker and usually have the option of stopping at several restaurants and cafe for refill, maybe you can pick a smaller size bottle so you don't have to carry all the weight with you. The most popular water bottle among bikers is the 800ml classic sport cap bottle. Another thing to keep in mind is your mean of carrying the bottle, or in another word, does the water fit your side pockets of your backpacks or will you be using a carabiner to clip the bottle to your bag. However, it is handy to keep a larger bottles in your car for camping trips. 


Classic Klean Kanteen Bottles

  • light weight
  • non-insulated
  • sport cap made for easy sipping on the go
  • favorite among bikers and hikers
  • durable stainless steel

 Insulated Classic

  • just like the classic bottles but will keep your drink cold for a day and warm for 6 hours
  • perfect for hiking
  • loop cap made for clipping
  • durable, stainless steel


Wide Insulated

  • wide mouth made for coffee drinker and tea lover
  • keep your drink cold for a day or hot for 6 hours
  • durable, stainless steel



  • will keep your beer delicious and carbonated from the tap to the campground
  • swing lok cap is removable made for easy cleaning


Reflect with Bamboo Cap

  • no plastic part
  • cap made from bamboo 
  • beautifully designed and simple
  • light weight
  • favorite among fixie riders

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