Back in 2002, Robert Seals, the founder of Klean Kanteen, came up with the first prototype with things he could find at a local hardware store. Started with the desire to combat environmental issues, Klean Kanteens were shared with people at different recreation events, music festivals and environmental fairs. The torch was passed onto Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer in 2005. The siblings have built upon Seals' vision by developing an ever expanding line of durable stainless steel solutions to replace toxic plastic and displace single-use container pollution. In 2007 and 2008, the public became aware of the danger of BPA and the undeniable contribution to environmental issues caused by human. As more and more people move away from single use plastic bottles and seek reusable alternative, Klean Kanteen rapidly grows. As Klean Kanteen strives to help people make sustainable and healthy choices, the company has also been committed to those goals within its company. Klean Kanteen became a member of 1% for Planet in 2008 in which it is committed to donating 1% of its sales to environmental organizations every year. The company has also proudly joined the ranks of Certified B Corporations. Meeting the rigorous and independent B Corp standards of performance, accountability, and transparency was the kind of challenge we relish, and our membership will continue to guide us in the years ahead.

"At Klean Kanteen, our commitment to you and the planet drives everything we do. From our stainless steel creations to the company we keep, we are firmly fixed on the task of making healthy, high-quality goods that will faithfully replace a lifetime of single-use items. Our hope is that you will go forth and re-use our products for years and even decades to come. One cup, bottle, and container at a time adds up... to big results." - Jeff and Michelle

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