About Us

At Poda Store, you will find unique lifestyle products and outdoor gear that will propel your next urban exploration and outdoor adventure to a new limit.

Mission: To fuel adventurers with the best products and promote sustainable way of living. 

We only want the best products on our store. We don't sell anything that we wouldn't personally use, consume or feel fully confident to depend our lives on.

The brands that we partner with not only create amazing products but they also strive to better the world through social and environmental efforts. We don't buy our gear to just fuel our own personal adventures and drives, but we want to feel good about what we use and make the best effort to reduce our contribution to environmental and social labor issues.

We don't look at our customers as people who simply buy stuff from us. We believe that we're selling products to friends who believe in the same goals and live similar adventurous lifestyles as we do. We don't want to have customers but long lasting partnerships with those who trust in our service. Because of this, we believe that service is the most important component of our business. We strive to treat our customers like our friends, so be honest and tell us when we're not doing a good job.


Email: hello@podastore.com

Instagram: @podastore

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